Geographic Information System (GIS) Department manages and creates geographic information relative to Marshall County. The GIS Department strives to provide methods for collecting and analyzing data to support decision – making processes within all county offices, as well as for the citizens of Marshall County. This is accomplished by using recorded documents and legal records to create and maintain the GIS system.

A GIS system is basically a multiple – layered map of the county. The foundation of the GIS map is actually a series of aerial photographs of the entire county. These layers, such as, property lines, road names, soil types, subdivision boundaries, and other types of information can then be added. Each layer can be turned on or off as needed to create maps for specific uses. For instance, the county conservation department may need a map of county parks, while an area farmer may request a map displaying soil types.

The applications of the GIS system are nearly limitless. In the future, maps may be utilized by law enforcement or fire fighters to indicate the fastest routes to emergencies, or by police dispatchers to identify which units are closest to an accident scene.